Hope Springs Eternal! Why March brings a smile to our lives

flower 2 There's no reason for this post, other than to spread a little hope to fellow stay-at-home fathers and share a few images.

We spent a lovely few hours this morning walking in the local park and playing at our local Village Hall.

Leathermarket Gardens, close to where we live in London Bridge, will soon be awash with the purple and white of crocuses, which for me, who is a little tired of Winter, is a welcome sign of the onset of Spring, which starts on March 20th.

And on March 31st it will be time to change the clocks, which has parents asking "what does that mean for my child's sleep"? Well, for the baby which likes to start their day at 5.30am it will now mean getting up at 6.30am, which is far  more civilised. Is life about to get easier?