About Man & Buggy

Welcome to Man & Buggy. I’m Jamie Last and this is my blog. I live in the beautiful rolling hills of the North Downs in Surrey, with my partner and twin son and daughter who are seven-years-old.

I've been a stay-at-home dad since the day my children were born in 2011. Nothing prepares you for parenthood. In the beginning its all about survival. That’s not being dramatic, it’s just plain true.

The purpose of this blog is reveal how I survive. It’s about the parenting skills which I have developed that are working for us as a family. It’s about the father being the primary carer and the mother being the bread winner, which presents unique challenges.

It made absolute sense for me to look after our children full-time. I lost my job six months before their birth and mother had an established career. We both still wish we had a little bit of each other’s daytime lives.

Over a period of twenty odd years I have worked mainly as a freelance journalist, including spells with IPC Media and as an Online Editor at the Times Educational Supplement.

I miss the challenges and social interaction of being at paid work. Mother misses our children desperately during the day. But we’re astonishingly grateful for what we’ve got.

We’re happy that one of us was able to look after our children during the early years and is now at the school gates at 3.30pm to pick them up every day.

I believe raising children is one of life’s biggest challenges. Raising two who are the same age is just frankly ludicrous! But the rewards are amazing.

I look forward to the four of us enjoying these memories together in the future.

At the moment it’s all about phonics, Frozen and football.

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